• National Pie Day

    Today, January 23, is national pie day.

    The first pies were created by the Egyptians who wrapped honey inside oats. Later the Romans realized that pies were perfect for travel. Some of the pies they took with them on journeys were goat-cheese, and honey. The original fruit pie appeared around 1500, during the time of Queen Elizabeth I. Thanks to the Pilgrims who brought their recipies with them to America, berrie, pumpkin, and other dessert pies have become an all American favorite.

    What better way of celebrating national pie day, then by eating some mini apple pies, or any pie for that matter. 

  • Thirteen launched at Warner Avenue Elementary Holiday Boutique

    Thirteen launched at Warner Avenue Elementary Holiday Boutique

    We had the privileged to launch thirteen at Warner Avenue's Holiday Boutique yesterday November 29! We had success beyond what we ever could have thought! We arrived and set up around 7am and were up and runing by 7:30am. The kids had recess from 10-10:30 and in those quick 30 minutes we completely sold out, and the boutique lasted untill 4! After the recess rush, I ran back home and decided to start baking again, while I had someone man my station. I came back to the school at 1:15 and sold out once again very quickly! It was a fun, exciting, an all around great day! Thank you to all of those who came out and supported us. You can see some of the photos from the boutique under the "PHOTOS" tab under "LAUNCH."

    Looking foward to baking for you soon!


  • launch time...

    launch time...

    Baking and preparing for the Warner Avenue Holiday Boutique with my friend Genny Thomas! She is a great helper and encourager!

  • the official launch of thirteen.

    Two days and counting until we officially launch.

    This Thursday, November 29, come visit us at the Warner Avenue Elementary School's Holiday Boutique. If you can't join us, check us out on social media via Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter through the links on each page. 

    Also, explore our new website, we are using the new Virb 2.0 and it is amazing. We even have a mobile website now!

    We are off and running, just in the nick of time for the holiday season. Check out our menu and contact us for your holiday parties and gifts. We look forward to baking for you!